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 Annulment in South Carolina


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Annulment is a legal procedure for declaring a marriage null and void. The common perception is that an Annulment means a quick end to a marriage but it really has nothing to do with the length of time the parties were married or the speed of the Annulment proceedings, for that matter.

Unlike a divorce, which terminates the marriage, in an annulment you and your lawyer are asking the court for a ruling that basically, erases the marriage. Once a judgement of annulment is entered the marriage becomes non-existent, as if the marriage never had happened.

Generally, annulments are very difficult to get and certain conditions must be met, for example:

  • The marriage was between two people who are so closely related that the law does not permit them to marry

  • One of the parties was already married to another living person at the time of the marriage (bigamy)

  • One of the parties is not of legal age to contract for marriage at the time of the ceremony

  • A party did not possess the ability to understand the nature of the marriage contract

  • Marriage that was obtained through fraud

  • Forced marriage

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