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Legal Separation

Legal Separation in South Carolina


Decree of Separate Support and Maintenance 

Many people think there is no such thing as a legal separation in South Carolina. Our version of a formal legal separation is the "Decree of Separate Support and Maintenance."

Charleston Divorce Lawyer Experienced with Settlement Agreements

I can prepare a Complete Marital Settlement Agreement for you, detailing all terms of you and your spouse's agreed upon division of assets and debts. As your divorce lawyer, I will make sure your complete marital settlement agreement legally and properly sets out terms for child custody, visitation and support.

There are so many issues you need to consider in a well-executed Settlement Agreement. You need an experienced divorce attorney to draft your Agreement.

Quick and Easy Legal Separation

You do not need to wait any minimum number of days after you and your spouse separate to file for your "legal separation." After you and your spouse are separated, I can file your "legal separation" with the family court by filing a Summons and Complaint for Separate Support and Maintenance and then entering your Settlement Agreement with the court. Once the court approves your Agreement, that's it - it is a legally binding document.

Inexpensive Charleston Divorce Attorney

Oftentimes, if you and your spouse agree to all terms of your separation, I will charge a low flat fee that covers everything. If you are in need of an experienced divorce attorney to handle your Marital Settlement Agreement, call my Charleston, South Carolina law office at (843) 814-4215. Alternatively you can get in touch with me through this contact form to set up an initial consultation.