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 Final Steps in the South Carolina Bankruptcy Process


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Hearing

If you go the Chapter 13 route for declaring bankruptcy your attorney will schedule a hearing with the bankruptcy judge. The judge will either confirm or deny the plan for repayment. Once confirmed you start making your scheduled payments. When the terms of the plan have been fulfilled your debts are eliminated.

South Carolina Debtor Education Class

The last step after filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in South Carolina is to take the online "Debtor Education Class". Taking this class is necessary under the 2005 Bankruptcy Act in order for you to be completely absolved of your debts. It's a short class designed to teach you how to manage your finances and budget your income after completing the bankruptcy process. Following is a list of all U.S. Trustee Approved debtor education agencies for the state of South Carolina.

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