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Debt Repayment Plan

South Carolina Debt Repayment Plan


Charleston Bankruptcy Attorney Providing Options

Before filing for bankruptcy you should consider all your options. Using my knowledge gained as an attorney working many bankruptcy cases throughout Charleston I will go over all of them with you. One alternative to bankruptcy would be to get on a debt repayment plan with your creditors. In the Charleston South Carolina area you do this through Consumer Credit Counseling. You will have to join a credit counseling service. The counselor will work with you and your creditors to come up with the debt repayment plan. Often you will be able to negotiate reduced payments or lower interest rates.

Once the plan is approved you would then deposit a certain amount of money each month with the credit counseling service. They in turn use that to pay your creditors. Although a debt repayment plan will not give you a fresh start and erase your debts like filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would it could still relieve some stress from your life. Keep in mind you will have to keep making the payments for the length of the agreement. You also need to keep monitoring monthly statements to make sure payments are being received and terms are being followed.

Consult with a Seasoned Charleston Bankruptcy Lawyer

Another option may be a debt consolidation loan. Call me at (843) 814-4215 or contact me at my Charleston South Carolina bankruptcy law office to set up your initial consultation with a dedicated Charleston bankruptcy attorney. Together we will go over your options and get started on the path to happiness.